Our leadership team

Jon Foged
Insights Division
Leigh Mander portrait
Leigh Mander
Managing Director Sydney
Insights Division
Jonathan Sinton portrait
Jonathan Sinton
Chief Commercial Officer
Insights Division
Jacqui Brandt_new
Jacqui Brandt
Managing Director Melbourne
Insights Division
Mark Henning portrait
Mark Henning
Executive Director
Media and Digital
Carolyn Reid portrait
Carolyn Reid
Executive Director
Gareth O’Neill portrait
Gareth O’Neill
Executive Director
Brand Guidance
Ryan France portrait
Ryan France
Executive Director
Brand Strategy
Simon Crisp portrait
Simon Crisp
Executive Director
Commercial Finance
John Cucka portrait
John Cucka
Executive Director
Steven Howlett portrait
Steven Howlett
Executive Director Melbourne
Insights Division
Nikki Davey portrait
Nikki Davey
Head of Innovation
John Evans portrait
John Evans
Head of Operations
Insights Division
Maree Taylor portrait
Maree Taylor
National Head of Customer Experience
James Brown portrait
James Brown
Head of Retail and Shopper
Denise Hamblin portrait
Denise Hamblin
Head of Sensory
Ilana Sanborn portrait
Ilana Sanborn
Senior Director
Kantar Marketplace
Kim Ruyten portrait
Kim Ruyten
Senior Director
Strategic Engagement
Lesley West portrait
Lesley West
Strategic Consulting
Nilly Keshtiar portrait
Nilly Keshtiar
Senior HR Advisor
Insights Division