Why behavioural science is key to sustainability

Brands need to understand the reasons why consumers are so bad at being good if they want to move the dial.

One of the biggest challenges facing brands is how support their consumers in making more sustainable choices and engaging in more sustainable behaviours.

With delegates at COP 27 currently trying to find ways to reduce the risk of runaway climate change, the good news is that the consumer desire to do the right thing is at an all-time high. People are more aware of sustainability issues and more are motivated to act. But this desire also hides a depressing reality: we might want to but most of us don’t.

While 97% of consumers say they want to be more sustainable, but only 13% are actively changing their behaviour. The value-action gap is massive. If brands really want to make a difference, then they need to make changes that result in actual alterations to behaviour.

We believe there are two moments of truth that brands need to look at:

1. The moment of purchase: How can we get consumers to buy more sustainable products?
2. The moment of disposal: How can we get consumers to dispose of any waste from these products in a more sustainable way?

This article was published exclusively on Kantar.com on November 15, 2022.