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The imperative of imagination is the future of Insights

The marketplace will demand more expansive thinking and decision-making. Growth and success will come from more imagination, finds our Insights 2030 report.

Imagination is more than artistic flair or aesthetic virtuosity. It is a way of working built from the ground up, with a set of structures, processes, and practices that enable business leaders to apprehend, understand and react to the marketplace in smarter, more original, and more impactful ways. Business leaders know that they need more of this way of working, and they want their Insights functions to be the spark that will steward it forward, ensure its integrity, and put it into action.

Imagination is the overarching takeaway from Insights 2030, Kantar’s in-depth investigation of the future of Insights. Supported by an advisory board of industry organisations and leading companies, including primary sponsor and collaborator, Colgate-Palmolive, Kantar’s work for Insights 2030 entailed hundreds of one-on-one interviews with business leaders around the world, as well as a global survey among more than 1,700 senior business and Insights leaders.

This article was published exclusively on Kantar.com on November 9, 2021.