How behavioural science drives successful innovation

Innovation is key to growth. Behavioural science in market research helps you understand decision making to drive success.

As Dr Nicki Morley discusses in her article Why is Innovation so important for brand growth?, disruptive times demand a new approach to innovation. Data from Kantar BrandZ shows that, in difficult times, brands that continue to innovate grow seven times faster than competitors. But the truth is that innovation is an inherently risky business, made even riskier when you don’t take account of human nature and the influence of context throughout the innovation process.

Why context is key for innovation

Context can have a huge, overriding effect on people’s decision making, so companies cannot afford to innovate in a vacuum. Behavioural science – from cognitive psychology, to behavioural economics, to social psychology – offers a framework to understand the impact that context and cues have on people’s decision making. The greatest innovation in the world will fail if it is not tailored to the context in which it will be used.

This article was published exclusively on on June 27, 2022.