How agile market research drives business transformation

In a complex, ever-changing environment, speed to insights is essential. But having confidence in your data is a requirement for making bold decisions that drive growth.

We all aspire to make bold decisions that change the market and propel the business forward. But behind every bold move you see – whether it’s a new product innovation or a disruptive campaign – you can be certain there were reliable insights that gave the business confidence to place a big bet.

Within a rapidly evolving world, market research matters more at every level of the business, and speed is critical. But in situations where the risk of a wrong call is so great, decisions must be made with confidence. How do you get to that moment of confidence, faster?

It all points to a need for greater agility within market research programmes. And for solutions that help teams get to those “Yes!” moments faster. Here’s how high-quality automated market research platforms like Kantar Marketplace help brands do just that.

This article was published exclusively on on November 8, 2021.