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The exponential growth of COVID-19 has triggered far-ranging impacts on the global landscape. Get the latest insights to help your brand manage the effects of COVID-19 in Australia and prepare for the future.

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COVID-19 Barometer Australia


Understand the current pandemic attitudes and behaviours of Australians with Kantar’s COVID-19 Barometer. Explore now to stay connected during the crisis and learn what they want from brands.

Culture and COVID-19: How has the pandemic affected people globally?

15 February 2022Our global qualitative study shows how forward-thinking brands can stay ahead, by rethinking their cultural relevance for their innovations, communications and activations.

Lockdowns are increasing pandemic fatigue for 6 in 10 Aussies but over half are optimistic about life returning to normal within a year​

10 August 2021As Australia continues an epic battle against Covid-19 and people adjust to both prolonged and snap lockdowns, pandemic weary Aussies are increasingly more focussed on what will get us back to living a ‘sense of normality’.

Media balance: How COVID-19 has affected the media mix

10 March 2021There have been media mix changes due to COVID-19. As digital media spend continues to grow, we explore how the online/offline balance has shifted in the media mix.

COVID-19 purchase behaviour shifts: assortment and portfolio implications 2021​

2 March 2021The new normal of assortment and portfolio planning requires balancing across short-term and long-term needs. See how buy rate and trip frequencies have evolved from the peak of the pandemic to now.



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The evolving human story – how brands can connect with people


5 December 2020 – Understanding the human story is what allows brands to learn how to reframe their relevance as we look beyond the virus. Kantar Australia’s qualitative research guru Carolyn Reid talks to Brian Walker-Catchpole about the Australian story and why this isn’t time for inaction.


Tune in to listen why brands must anticipate the changing human story and cultural narrative and how to reframe their offer and message to meet changing human needs is the new brand normal.



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