Conversations with Category Managers around the world

Watch our video series, where category managers around the world talk about achieving best-in-class category management, and how to deliver the triple win for shoppers, retailers and brands.

2020 was a year of transformation. We saw unprecedented shifts in consumer demand and shopper behaviour, pushing retailers and manufacturers to reprioritise how they think about space planning, assortment, portfolio and the overall shopper experience. As a result, the role of category management has never been more vital.

We are launching an video series (“In Conversation with…”) designed to foster collaboration and dialogue around category management. The series will feature conversations with leading CPG brands invested in driving growth through innovative category management tactics and strategy. We intend for this series to provide an expert point of view of what is working and what best-in-class category management looks like.

This article first appeared on on March 26, 2021.