5 keys to a successful digital marketing transformation

We teamed up with Google to uncover how the top digital marketers across America are evolving to drive revenue growth.

Today’s consumers demand omnichannel sophistication and personalised brand experiences, forcing companies to rethink their approach to demand generation and find better ways to measure marketing effectiveness. As these challenges mount, organisations will have to employ new approaches, capabilities and tools that will push the marketing industry from more of an art to a science. As a result, building your digital marketing muscle can no longer be regarded as a cutting-edge task, but the table-stakes for meeting consumer demands and driving operational efficiencies.

Google and Kantar partnered over the summer of 2021 to explore what today’s leading companies do differently to drive revenue growth and digital transformation success. We spoke to 40 Fortune 1000 C-suite members from a range of industries and surveyed 500 senior- to mid-level marketers from large organisations across the United States. Our ambition was to go beyond understanding the presence and investment of tech tools and, instead, identify the organisational drivers of strategy, structure, processes and capabilities that differentiate the digital leaders from the pack.

This article was published exclusively on Kantar.com on January 11, 2022.