Driving Marketing Effectiveness
through the wide lens

Join our livestream for new insights into maximising marketing effectiveness

Marketing effectiveness is a rising conversation in almost all organisations today. The challenge of doing more with less (and proving it!) has no easy answers.


Please RSVP below to join our livestream on 30 August as we reveal the challenges and opportunities around driving effective marketing outcomes for businesses of different shapes and sizes. We’ll share robust conversation, and tips and tricks looking through a holistic lens, covering ROI and creative impact in a new media landscape as well as organisational design and capability to succeed in the future.


An on-demand recording is available if you can’t attend the livestream.


  August 30, 9:30am-11:30am

Your Speakers

Jonathan Sinton

Chief Commercial Officer

Dennis Wong

Managing Partner, Consulting

Ryan France

Head of Brand Strategy

Carolyn Reid

Head of Qualitative

Straford Rodrigues

Head of Media Effectiveness

Irene Joshy

Head of Creative

John Cucka

Head of Analytics

Plus a panel of marketing effectiveness industry experts:

Christine Fung

Goodman Fielder

Kate Young

Head of Capability

Tracey Forbes

Head of Marketing Transformation
Diageo Australia

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