A global context is provided via a 72-market dip conducted in 2018 and ongoing investigation of values as conducted via Kantar’s Global Monitor.


Society is changing. Post-pandemic Australians are moving from an era of conformity underpinned by safety and security to one of rebellion. Australians are rebels with a cause and we’ll be led by those courageous enough to

  • challenge the status quo
  • change everything
  • and find a better way.

About Millennium Monitor

Millennium Monitor is a unique social trends monitor that explores the patterns and implications of change in social values.


Born at the turn of this millennium and now in its seventh iteration, Millennium Monitor focuses on the changes in social values that will shape the future and uses a validated model that is based on academic theory to describe how the social context changes over time. Millennium Monitor provides strategic direction for organisations, brands or categories on how to best position themselves for the future.     

The Model

We have been tracking social values in Australia since 1999 using both qualitative and quantitative research with a validated model based on academic theory* to describe how the social context changes over time. We have drawn on Schwartz’s 10 values but modified their expression to take into account the cycle of change observed by some leading theorists to translate into consumer language. The framework defines our values as​ beliefs tied to emotion that motivate us and guide our actions but also transcend specific behaviours and situations.​ Most importantly, the values are ordered by importance and that importance changes over time. 


*Swartz’s 10 values (Schwartz Value Survey (SVS; Schwartz, 1992,2005a);

Bronfenbrenner, U (1979) The ecology of human development;Strauss Howe Generational theory.

Leveraging Millennium Monitor


The Millennium Monitor helps explain the past, understand the present and predict the future. It stands alone from other social trends monitors as it explores changes in social values and culture. Our research shows there are predicable cycles that reflect changes in consumer values, motivations, behaviour and language.


We have identified four macro eras that that society moves through over time: Power, Enjoyment, Conformity and Rebellion. The expression of each era is expressed differently between each cycle but the underlying drivers are consistent.

Where are we now?

In 2016, we predicted a pandemic would be a tipping point for the mass transitioning out of a time of Conformity into Rebellion. Plunged into COVID-19 lockdown in April 2020, we observed an intensification of Conformity values and an exodus from Enjoyment values, whilst momentum towards Rebellion stalled.


One year on, the seventh iteration of the Millennium Monitor now illustrates Australia’s renewed focus on the need to take control and find a better way. With values back to 2018, proportions we see an even stronger desire for a simpler life and a sharper focus on individuality, fairness, mental health and the desire to drive change. The implications for organisations, business and brands will be revolutionary.


Are you Rebellion Ready?

Millennium Monitor for your brand

The Millennium Monitor can be accessed for strategic planning, inspiration or guidance via a multitude of bespoke ways:

  • Macro Consumer/market trends content and presentations
  • Inclusion in usage and attitude questionnaires, customer segmentations and brand performance tracking
  • Detailed consumer reports detailing the social values of Australians as well as individual value sets and how this links to your category and its competitive landscape
  • The framework for in-house workshops for innovation, brand strategy, guiding communication or assessing brand expression in a competitive landscape.

Rebels with a cause

Society is changing. We’ve been living a life of ‘conformity’ since 9/11 and the GFC rocked our core. Our values underpinned by safety and security were challenged and supercharged in 2020 by the fear and risk unleashed by Covid-19. But as the second year of the pandemic draws to a close, the intensification of conformity driven by lockdowns is giving way to a great societal value reset and a renewed focus on a different future: ‘rebellion’.

What our clients are saying

“Understanding Macro Trends is an important part of building our growth platforms. However macro trends can be so difficult to qualify/ quantify and explain across the business.

Millennium Monitor is a unique study that gives us the ability to explain how social trends and changing social values impacts the decisions of our consumers and shoppers. This provides us with a great platform based on facts and data to help us develop our strategic plans.”


Portfolio Panning & Insights Manager, Global Wine & Spirits Company

“The Millennium Monitor has been unbelievably useful in guiding our strategy and operations. The Monitor was able to predict when our cause would come into focus for public and government attention. Even with limited resources we were able to have long term impact on policy because we knew what we should do and when to do it. Specifically, we knew when it was the right time to harness a collaboration of experts and peak bodies to form policy direction. The direction has been implemented in the Federal budget with requirements that will result in positive changes in the sector” 


Previous Maggie Beer Foundation Chair

“Getting the strategy right is the most important first step towards future success. In a world that is currently dealing with COVID lockdowns and health issues it can be hard to lift the mind to what the world will be like in the future. This is where a tool like the Millennium Monitor can be most useful. I have used it successfully before and I will use it again to form the genesis of strategy in a post COVID time”


Director, Strategic Consultancy

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