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Give your business the edge: the benefits of using a brand consultant

In a competitive marketplace, it’s imperative that you engage with your customers in new and innovative ways to ensure that your brand not only stands out from the crowd but also connects with the customer in a meaningful and differentiated manner. Positioning your brand to allow for optimal growth is a complex process which is why an increasing number of businesses are turning to brand consultants. Let’s explore what brand consultants can bring to your business.

Objective insights into your brand

It can be difficult to be objective when it comes to looking at your own brand which is why bringing in a brand consultant is such an important step. Tailored market research techniques deliver powerful customer and market insights that enables brand consultants to offer a fresh perspective and allow for new ideas to be introduced to your business for optimal brand performance. Using insights obtained from market research, a brand consultant will develop, evaluate and/or adjust (as required) the overall vision, strategy and objectives for your brand to ensure its strength in the market place. The brand consultant will also ensure there is differentiating relevance is communicated for a specified target audience by positioning (or re-positioning) the brand and shaping meaningful communications.

Market research for optimal brand positioning

Kantar Australia’s experienced team will analyse your brand in relation to the market competition to ensure that your brand remains competitive and relevant, while also staying true to your unique identity. The ability of our consultants to provide clear market analysis means you can better understand your own performance in your category.

Understanding people is an integral part of delivering relevant and targeted messages. Kantar Australia will leverage the right insight to ensure that messages resonate with customers, build brand trust, influence the psychological attachment to the brand and motivate the desired outcome. Using various market research techniques, your brand consultant will help identify the needs and motivations of your customer base to gain valuable insight into trends and opportunities within the market. The data obtained through market research can also help to identify brand issues or gaps which may be weakening your brand positioning.

Strategy development and ongoing performance tracking

An important aspect of brand consultation is to ensure brand, communications and increasingly, customer experience strategies are aligned to the business strategy. The brand consultant will develop focused strategies which will strengthen your brand and improve performance into the future. In an overcrowded marketplace, brand consultants can help with innovative, exciting strategies for brand development and communications based on insights obtained from quality market research data.

The end-to-end communications process involves a number of steps from insights development, strategy, concept develop and advertising testing, through to monitoring or tracking in market performance. This entails working with various internal and external stakeholder groups who often work in silos. These include marketing, digital, operations, insights, strategy and brand teams as well as advertising strategists and creatives, media and research agencies. Kantar Australia’s unique process ensures the focus is on cohesiveness across these stakeholder groups to turbo-charge the effort and outcome. We are highly experienced in ensuring your brand’s performance is on the mark so that you can be confident your business is keeping up with the desires of the market and new opportunities as they arise.

Innovative, results-driven approach

Kantar Australia combines innovation with sophisticated market research techniques to develop meaningful, tailored strategies and initiatives for various businesses and organisations. We have over 100 expert market research consultants located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide to ensure that we’re within close proximity to our clients.

If you’d like to learn more about how a brand or market research consultant can help deliver valuable insights for you, speak to our friendly team today.