Winning With Women

Unlocking insights to the greatest social and commercial imperative in Australian financial services today.


“We really appreciated the dual focus on the moral and economic imperatives of winning with women in the financial sector, and the evidence-based approach to support it”

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“A great line up of speakers reminding us of the importance to build trust with women, involve (don’t confuse confidence with competence) and enable – don’t diminish this hugely important segment”

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What Australians think

The numbers

51% of women are worried about moving their savings into investments because stocks and shares are too risky


38% of women are too worried about everyday finances to spend much time thinking about the future and over half worry about running out of money when retired


Australian financial services brands that skew male tend to underperform – and are less likely to grow – with the cost of lost consumers $5.4 million per annum


Sources: Kantar Australia Consumer Attitude Study, July 2018, n=1,000 total (Male 490; Female: 505) and BRANDZ™ Top 40 Most Valuable Australian Brands 2018

The event

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