Sustainable Transformation


There is no opportunity for growth and value bigger than sustainability. A number of marketplace dynamics are coming together that make sustainability the business imperative of the future – but the business challenge of sustainable transformation is its complexity. Getting comfortable with sustainability requires mastering six key imperatives. But there is a structure to these decisions. They provide a systemic way to forge a path to get through the thicket of challenges presented by sustainability, ultimately to find a clearing of opportunity in which sustainable advantage is stronger and more profitable.

Kantar’s Sustainable Transformation Practice

Kantar Sustainable Transformation Framework Diagram

Kantar’s Sustainable Transformation Practice delivers a powerful combination of commercial and academic expertise across the private and public sectors to implement this framework for clients.


  • Where to play – Using our unique foundational consumer insights, defining what you need to do first and have the right to tackle in an authentic way
  • Purposeful impact – Creating a meaningful brand strategy that will have enduring impact
  • Purposeful innovation – Anticipating disruptive change and developing the relevant portfolio
  • Customer change – Understanding and unlocking commitment to change
  • Employee inspiration – Inspiring purposeful employee change agents
  • Measurement and learning – Benchmarking, ongoing metrics, and the strategic feedback loop

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    Who Cares, Who Does?

    Sustainability is increasingly front and centre for the growth strategies of FMCG brands, manufacturers and retailers. 22% of global consumers are the most environmentally conscious (Eco Actives). How do you connect with this group and continue to win with all shoppers?

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