We provide consultative advice and work with you to develop great advertising to increase sales and drive brand growth. Our advertising and brand experts help uncover insights, define your brand’s purpose, and develop the right messaging. Our advertising solutions come in all shapes and sizes from early stage consulting engagements, to automated ad testing tools to a full range of customised ad tracking solutions.

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 Sam Walters

Innovation and
Product Development

In a world where people are spoilt for choice, innovation remains the go-to strategy for growth. But in today’s competitive, experiential environment, it is harder than ever to know precisely when and where to invest to find the elusive growth. Successful innovation is about delivering memorable and differentiating experiences that are anchored in a deep understanding of people, and the tensions and needs they have in specific moments.

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Nikki Davey


With the industry’s largest benchmarking database, we can tap into our global network of experts to measure, manage and monitor key business relationships to provide clear, tailored and actionable recommendations that support management needs to successfully impact key metrics including customer value, revenue and growth.

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Jon O’Loughlin


Combining the best traditions of qualitative and transformative thinking, our world-class practitioners design the appropriate research approach to address your specific contextual issues and provide you with a real understanding of what your customers want. We deliver growth-focused insights to inspire you with new ways of looking at your business.

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Carolyn Reid


Our in-depth conversations with Australian consumers allow us to understand our people and provide our clients with precise analysis of how their customers make decisions, what their underlying motivations are, and the strategies that can be employed to grow, protect and share brand equity.

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 Ryan France

Marketing Science

The engine behind the research in a world awash in data, we uncover real insights to clearly identify how your business can grow. Applying the spectrum of statistical methods to primary survey data and working with your ‘big’ databases, we discover insights you didn’t know you had and create interactive reporting tools and dashboards to deliver data to your desktop.

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John Cucka

Media and

Driving growth and integration across the consumer insights brands, the Media and Digital team focus on continued innovation and development of Kantar’s cross media effectiveness studies and analysis to help clients meet brand and performance objectives through integrated campaigns across TV, print, radio, outdoor, digital, cinema and emerging platforms.

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Mark Henning


Identifying opportunities for brands to thrive, we deliver measurement plans that focus on what matters, and what moves. Our guidance systems drive sustainable and profitable growth by informing brand, communications and media strategies, and rapid feedback on performance against strategy. 

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Gareth O’Neill