Behaviour Change Academy


2-day executive education program for government and public sector leaders

Program overview

Some of today’s most important policy challenges – from obesity to domestic violence and gender equality, from road safety to digital engagement of older people – can only be met by effective, population level behaviour change.


In this 2 day practical learning experience, participants have the opportunity to sharpen their skills in designing, planning, executing and evaluating large and small scale behaviour change interventions across different policy and program areas. While studying the key elements of the behaviour change process, you will explore and apply leading models for understanding behaviour including diagnosing influential attitudes and beliefs, the importance of behavioural commitment in targeting audiences, models for amplification of messages, and evaluation frameworks to support attribution of outcomes and impacts. The program will also help participants to understand ROI and how to drive public value into their behavioural work.

Who should attend?


The program is suitable for senior Government communicators or policy makers who guide the development of behaviour change interventions, programs and communications strategies.


The Odd One Out, 125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 3000



9:00am to 5:00pm

Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st November 2018



$1,600 (excl GST) per person



Password: BCA2018

Meet The Speakers

Kathy O’Donoghue / Director and Kantar Public CEO
Kantar Behaviour Change Academy

Kathy is Global Director of the Kantar Behaviour Change Practice. She has 20 years of experience consulting experience. She is a leading advisor to the Australian Government specialising in the development of behaviour change strategies. Kathy is Kantar Public’s global thought leader in behaviour change, including the application of commitment theory and amplification strategies. Her recent work includes the ground breaking campaign for the Office of the Prime Minister to address violence against women in Australia.

Sophie Elliott / Senior Consultant
Kantar Public Australia

Sophie is a Senior Consultant at Kantar Public with over fifteen years’ social research experience, specialising in qualitative techniques across a wide-variety of subject areas. Sophie has particular expertise in developmental and communications research for behaviour change intervention, having conducted research informing a range of high profile social marketing activities in this space, in areas including healthy lifestyles and obesity prevention, drug and alcohol abuse, violence against women, disability, mental health, workplace relations and taxation.

Stephanie Jones / Associate Director
Kantar Public Melbourne

Stephanie has over 20 years’ experience in delivering insight and developing and implementing successful strategies to deliver growth outcomes for top tier Australian companies and Australian government.  She is highly skilled in understanding business issues and applying her experience and knowledge to create evidence based approaches that provide clients with the clarity they need to make key decisions.

James Brown / Executive Director
Kantar TNS Melbourne

James has over 20 years international research experience delivering insight based marketing consultancy in multiple business sectors including consumer goods, shopper, healthcare and financial services.  James has worked with many brands and services helping to build strategy and identify growth through the deep understanding of consumers, what makes them do what they do and seeing what can drive change in habits and behaviours.

Patricia Duffy / Chairman, AUNZ
WPP Public Sector Practice

Pat is the Chairman of WPP’s Public Sector Practice, which advises policymakers and public sector communication leaders on strategy, innovation, capability development and global best practice. Pat is a highly regarded marketing and general management professional with 30+ years’ experience in information technology, telecommunications, financial services, Defence and Government. Pat was the Head of Marketing for Defence Force recruiting for ten years, responsible for all marketing activity to attract people to positions in the Australian Navy, Army and Air Force.

Password: BCA2018