Our Innovation Toolkit

Strategy development

A clear articulation of the intersection between business and consumer tensions is a good place to start strategy development, because getting innovation right starts with a strong strategy.


We help you identify where to play and how to win.


Usage and attitude (5Ws) – identifying segments and typologies to target

Category needs segmentation – identifying the needs that drive choice

AI unstructured data segmentation – Using artificial intelligence to identify needs, occasions, moments and typographies in billions of data sets available from unstructured social and CRM data

Offer development

Successful ideas are anchored in consumer understanding of the usage requirements and category tensions.


We help create, screen and test winning ideas.


Ideas – generate high potential ideas that deliver to targeted innovation platforms

Proposition/Concept – build and optimise concepts, including mainstream and disruptive concepts

Product – ensure the product, final bundle and marketing plan are ready for launch

Packaging – develop and optimise packaging to convey consumers desired usage experience

Portfolio development

To keep pace with changing consumer and retail environments, businesses need to constantly optimise their portfolio and offer.


Choice modelling – maximise the competitiveness of products, portfolios and prices with what-if market simulations that predict the impact of future scenarios on volume, revenue and profit

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